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Pieter looks very elegant. We love how the collar reveals how interesting the print of his shirt is. It gives an edge to his outfit. Well done!


Margot’s shoes are to die for! Shoes really make or break an outfit and Margot knows it.

Tim & Maja

Maja looks amazing! Her skirt is phenomenal. It gives her this really elegant vibe. Tim in the contrary looks laid back and comfortable. His jacket gives him a really cool vibe.


Mr & Mrs purple

We love a man with that good of a shoe taste, shoes mean a lot. She also rocks that purple scarf! Go purple!

Sanne & Matthias

You know it’s spring when girls wear prints like this one. Also loving how her tights and her boots give her look an edge! Matthias is a proof that guys really don’t need much!


Fanny knows that red is a dominant colour. Wearing red accessories is the best way to combine it with black or white and in this case both. Good Job Fanny!